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I was born in East Tennessee with a camera in my hand.  Exactly how this occurred is medical mystery that has baffled doctors to this day.  Since then, my love for filmmaking has shaped me as a person and has been a driving force throughout my life.  In 2014 I graduated with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film with a minor in Digital Media.  While in school I won every award offered by the department, with the exception of only one.  Between you and me I think the other guy cheated.

Over the years my short films have garnered an online audience of over three million people.  I take great pride in creating the most cinematic films possible, complete with extensive color grading and sound design.  I bring the same philosophy to my client work, where I strive to create high-end videos on an affordable budget.  

I've worked with a wide array of clients.  I have done work for shows aired on Velocity TV, online nature publications, the Boys and Girls Club, United Way, GoScope, MountNGo, Sebego Lake Distillery, and plenty of others.  


My Equipment



I use a Blackmagic Cinema Camera as my primary camera.  These professional cameras are widely renowned  for their cinematic qualities, flexibility, and their incredible color perception.  The Blackmagic Cinema Camera has been widely used in Hollywood productions, includingon the set of films like Mad Max: Fury Road and the Expendables Series. 



For audio, I use a Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Microphone as well as a Blue Yeti Tabletop Mic for more controlled situations.  Audio is a big deal for me.  Good audio can make or break a production, and great audio is key to making high production-value film.  I use Adobe Audition in conjunction with an extensive library of sound design tools to create a soundscape that elevates a film to a whole new level.


Good lighting is one of the most important  aspects of getting a good image.  For this I use Lowel Lights.  Lightweight, powerful, and easy to work with - these lights are essential for almost any set.


In addition to the essentials, I also use a variety of gizmos and gadgets that help to produce a great image.  These include a diffusion screen, smoke machine, slider, reflector, and other useful things I have acquired through the years.

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