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Mike is a filmmaker with nine years of experience in creating impactful video for a wide range of clients. Mike takes a handcrafted approach to filming, looking for creative ways to stand out when building a brand or filming a narrative. He operates on the principle that any project, regardless of budget, can tell a great story.


Currently, Mike shoots with a BMPCC4k along with a kit of professional lenses. This camera is renowned for its incredible color science and versatility. He has spent years editing video using Adobe Premiere, Audition, After Effects, and most recently DaVinci Resolve.

Mike has filmed and edited for television, marketing agencies, non-profit organizations, city governments, state parks, and universities. In his spare time, he also enjoys making his own narrative short films.



Other Work Available upon request

Side Quest
(Comedy - Live Action/Animation)

The Journey's End
(Comedy - Live Action)

Nature: What Even is it Anyway?